5 Ways to Get What You Want


Jun 07

5 Ways to Get What You Want

Discover how to get what you want in life. 

There comes a time in all our lives when we need to ask for something: for a connection to a potential client or investor, for a raise, for a new business opportunity, or even for a discount on a service.

It’s rarely fun to face these conversations, but there are things you can do to maximise your chance of a positive result.

Here are 5 proven strategies for getting what you want!

1. Be specific

How can someone give you what you want if you don’t tell them what that is? Use concrete, specific words to state exactly what you want, and exactly what you intend to do with it.

2. Ask someone who CAN help

Asking for exactly what you want is only one piece of the puzzle—the next is to ask the right person. You need to ask someone who either has the resources to provide what you want, or someone who already has what you want.

In other words, ask someone who can give you what you want, or someone who can give you a method by which to get it.

3. Create value for the person you’re asking

The most effective way to get a yes from someone is to offer them something first—figure out what value you can create for them if they help you. But do your research—this only works if you are offering something that they need.

4. Ask with conviction

You need to communicate in every step of the process that you believe 100% in what you are asking. Say it with your words, your mannerisms, and your actions. Don’t leave any room for doubt!

“The surest way to failure is to convey ambivalence.” -Tony Robbins

5. Ask until you get it

If you study the lives of successful people, you’ll see they all have certain qualities in common, one of which is resilience. This is the drive to keep going even when facing setbacks.

Don’t just keep repeating the same question—if you aren’t getting results, change your approach. Try someone else, or try another question.

“Have the flexibility to change and adjust your tactics until you achieve what you want.” – Tony Robbins

If you follow all these steps, eventually you’ll find someone who is ready to give you exactly what you want.

So, where do you need to change your approach? Where are your setbacks—and how can you use these tips to overcome them?

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