6 Ways to Stay Motivated


Aug 01

how to stay motivated

Do you struggle to stay motivated? 

If you want to be successful, it’s important to set goals—but it’s equally important to stay motivated on the journey to achieving those goals.

The problem is, it’s easy to get distracted or lose interest, particularly with long-term goals.

So how do over-achievers like Tony Robbins keep themselves motivated?

Tony Robbins’ 6 Tips for Staying Motivated

1. Turn SHOULDS into MUSTS.

We wrote about Tony’s strategies for turning SHOULDS into MUSTS a few weeks ago, but long story short—it comes down to raising your standards.

When something becomes a necessity (a must), it cuts out the possibility of failure—and that is pure fuel for motivation.

2. Group your tasks.

Breaking up your to do list into smaller chunks helps keep you from being overwhelmed by what you have to do, and gives you the opportunity to celebrate each accomplishment along the way.

3. Set precise goals.

It’s difficult to measure your progress without clear goals and metrics with which to evaluate them. If you want to write a book, set a goal to write 2000 words a week. If you want to run a marathon, set yourself clear (and achievable!) distance and speed goals.

Then celebrate when you achieve them!

4. Try a commitment device.

Tony isn’t kidding around with this one…

“Penalise yourself monetarily if you don’t complete your task,” he suggests.

“Whether you donate the money to charity, your kids or a friend, you’re out £50 (at least for a good cause). Follow through!”

5. Find inspiration

“Every day, ordinary people do extraordinary things,” says Tony. 

“Read success stories, books, blogs and inspirational quotes to keep your motivational fire burning bright. Tell yourself that if people you admire can accomplish their goals, so can you.”

6. Take time to recharge.

Recharge your batteries with deep breathing, which helps release toxins and flood your cells with oxygen. And make sure you’re getting the sleep you need to perform at your peak level!

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