8 Healthy Habits for Your New Year


Jan 11

8 healthy habits for your new year

Start the new year right with these healthy habits!

What does the new year mean for you?

Is it just another year, or another opportunity to make your life count?

Regardless of how you feel about the new year, this is the time where we can start generating healthy habits that can build the momentum to keep you going through the year and start you off on the right foot.

It’s no secret that people perceive the start of a new year as the most ideal time to reflect and make decisions on what actions need to be taken for the year ahead.  One of the most common things that people set as a goal in the new year is a health-related achievement.

Whether it’s to lose weight, eat clean or become physically fit, health targets are the number one new year’s goal.

Here are some actionable habits you can integrate to help you achieve your goals to look and feel fantastic this new year!

Factor Health Cost into Your Monthly Budget

If you value your health (which you should ) but think it’s too expensive—you may need re-think your priorities.

Allocate part of your budget for more organic foods, supplements, fitness classes, massages, etc. These are some of the things you can invest in to make sure that your body gets the proper tender love and care that it deserves.

If you’re really strapped for cash, then making healthy meals at home, watching online exercise videos (1,000s on YouTube), participate in outdoor activities and take time to relax.

Give Your House a Detox

Invest some additional energy cleaning, arranging, and de-cluttering your home. Put resources into making your home feel welcoming and warm.

When your home feels like a refuge, you will be more likely to cook at home, have a place to unwind and loosen up, and get more meaningful rest.

Hit the Sack Before 11 pm

Everyone knows that we should try and get eight hours of sleep every night, also the time we choose to go to bed is a big factor.

A few specialists have said that hitting the hay before 11 pm is useful for managing mood. This is extremely important for those with adrenal conditions, and a 10 pm sleep time is regularly suggested for these people while they are recuperating.

Make Lemon Water Your Best Friend

Maintaining necessary levels of hydration is a standout amongst the most basic, yet, frequently neglected wellbeing practices.

In any case, let’s face it; drinking plain water all the time can get a bit boring. To liven things up. add a squeeze of lemon. It tastes good, and provides vital minerals like potassium, magnesium, vitamin C which helps in absorption, detoxification, and keeping up beautiful skin. It might likewise it helps to ward to off kidney stones for those in danger of calcium-oxalate stones.

*Extra tip: Drink through a straw to help protect your teeth from the acidity of lemon juice.

Experience the Great Outdoors

Kill two birds with one stone by walking in the great outdoors. A brisk walk in nature will have all the benefits of exercise in addition to positively affecting mood.

Studies coming out of Stanford University have found that blood flow to the subgenual prefrontal cortex slows down after a walk in nature. This part of the brain is associated with dwelling on negative thoughts, called rumination or brooding.

Attempt Intensity Interval Training

Consider giving your exercises a turbo boost by joining high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This sort of exercise comprises of short blasts of vigorous exercise followed by times of rest.

HIIT has picked up in popularity because of its array of different sorts of moves to give people desired weight loss and the maintenance of insulin levels.

Restrict Your Social Media Usage

Although there are a lot of advantages of social media, a study conducted in Denmark demonstrated that members who enjoyed a withdrawal from web-based life for over a week. They were found to be more joyful than the individuals who proceeded with their typical utilisation.

This might be on the grounds that internet-based life use can prompt examination with others, in view of a standard that is frequently not predictable with the real world.

Furthermore, since PDAs and PCs all radiate low-frequency electromagnetic frequencies that may have an effect on our wellbeing. It’s a smart idea to restrict the use of these gadgets.

Practice Forgiveness

Research demonstrates that practicing forgiveness can have many medical advantages, for example, lowering blood pressure and anger and better rest, tension, and sadness. Take the time amid this new year to offer somebody forgiveness and let go of past damages. The advantages will go well past social compromise.

New Year’s goals can be hard to keep, which can be demotivating. This might be because it takes 21 days to form a new habit!

Think about taking these tips, and trying one every month in the new year until the point that they become habit.

And don’t be too hard on yourself—there’s always tomorrow!

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