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Mar 31

Design Your Life for Certainty in Uncertain Times

Change is the only constant. You’ve heard that so many times. This change, when it’s positive, you are ready to embrace it with arms wide open. But when it rides the wave of devastation, it can come crashing on the entire life you’ve made for yourself.

Shutting down the business that was in your family for years. 

Locking down the door to a shop that has given you everything.

And change doesn’t come alone on the platter; it comes with the unnecessary and rather horrid accompaniment of “uncertainty”.

How long will this last?”, “Why did this happen in the first place?!”, “What’s next?”. 

However, instead of using this uncertain period as a time to fear, panic and worry, you can put a positive, exciting spin on the uncertainty to — discover fresh thoughts, surface up new feelings, build beliefs and realign strategies.

Tony Robbins says, “The paradox is this: We need both certainty and uncertainty….we need both forces to lead fulfilled, passionate, successful lives.”

Design Your Life for Certainty

To handle this surprise bundle of uncertainty, it is important to focus on the way forward, on progress.

You are thinking, “Ya right! Easy to say, not so easy to practice when I have to worry about working from home with two kids to keep busy, panic about my trade investments, take the dog for a walk and fight for the telly remote with my partner— all simultaneously!

But with Tony’s 6 mandates, you can wipe out the haze of uncertainty with clarity and structure to bring certainty in these challenging times, in the process, start designing a new life.


You cannot sketch on your canvas till you actually have a picture in your head. 

What is it you truly want? Is it finally time to visualise what you really want to do careerwise?

Create a Vision

Your vision obviously can’t be short term and has to be something that gets your heart racing and hair tingling. When you have clarity in terms of what you seek, you will feel the vigour to move towards it.


Once your vision is set, it needs your determination and resolve.

Drill it into your head that you need to work towards what you seek. Don’t worry about the eventual result, just be proud that you know what it takes to achieve it and put your best foot forward in that quest. 


No one is saying the road to uncertainty is going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Creating a vision, being determined — all in your control. But there will be many hurdles and challenges that will make you want to steer away from the focus on your goal.

And when you come to that juncture, just ask yourself – WHY?

Why — did I set this goal for myself? Is this so important? Does this matter so much? Do I need to accomplish this now more than ever? 

Find your Reason

And let the answers to those Why’s determine the true meaning of your purpose and your path forward — towards certainty.


“I have always wanted to learn how to design. But alas! who has the time?”

And look! Suddenly time and opportunity have presented themselves to you. 

According to Tony, there’s a part of your brain called Reticular Activating System (RAS) that determines what you notice in the world.

So when you are very clear and focused on your goal, you trigger the RAS in your brain to notice elements and things around you that take you towards your goal, thus fading uncertainty into a distance.

Make it Part of your D

Ensure that once you set your vision, you are in it 100%. Every morning when you wake up, when you go about your day, when you get ready for bed — keep that vision in your mind. You’ll start noticing things in full zoom mode. And who knows what you find? 


A crucial step  — stop accepting things as they are. Your mind is limited to the limits you allow it. 

The truth is, if you want to tackle uncertainty and design a life of your choice, you need to get rid of limiting beliefs and raise your standards.

This is where my career is supposed to be in 5 years. Everybody is going through it so I am not an exception.

No! If you tell yourself that, where is your hunger for moving forward? For change! To progress!

Raise Your Standard

Don’t treat progress as a choice. Treat it as a MUST. Seek more and raise the bar, in turn raising your standards.


If you work out for two hours one day watching an online fitness training channel and then complain of a muscle pull rest of the week — there’s no point is there? That’s not healthy living!

Don’t take drastic, huge steps on day one unless you can keep up and make it a standard part of your routine. 

Remember, your battle with uncertainty requires many small steps among other things. A healthy breakfast, an exercise routine, reading a book, meaningful conversations — all of it matters.

Set our Rituals

Make these a part of your daily schedule and eventually, a daily part of yourself because ultimately, these rituals are what will define you.

These may seem like little things, but these are small, steady everyday rituals that will propel you towards your goal. 

As Tony says, rituals are where the power is.