10 Quippy Quotes From Famous People

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Apr 23

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Add a sprig of sunshine smiles to your day with these funny quotes from the most powerful sources!

There is nothing that defines “the right moment” to feel happy and have a smile on your face.

Every day and every moment is a good time to do something, say something or read something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in your heart.

And even the most intellectual and powerful personalities have found ways to welcome humour in their life.

To add a touch of funny to your mood, we have compiled some of their witty, funny quotes for you. 

Remember, take life seriously, but also have fun along the way!

Funny Quote - Ben Franklin


Funny Quotes Mark Twain

Funny Quotes_Oscar Wilde

Funny Quotes Dalai Lama

Funny Quotes Trump

Funny Quotes Einstein

Funny Quotes Salvador Dali

Funny Quotes Lily Tomlin

Funny Quotes Abe Lincoln

Funny Quotes Buffet

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