How a Fighting Spirit Helped Gerard Butler Conquer His Fears


May 28

Gerard Butler doesn’t seem like the type that would need help overcoming his fears—but he found just that at UPW. 

Scottish actor Gerard Butler is well-known for his brawn—he played brutal King Leonidas in 300 (2006) and the vengeful Clyde in Law Abiding Citizen (2009)—but he is also no stranger to fear. When Gerard attended Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins, he had to face his fears head on.

“Fear, maybe surprisingly to some people, is a huge issue for me,” he says. “But what I’ve often had is a fighting spirit. So I’ve had a lot of fears, but this fighting spirit to overcome them.”

Gerard tried for years to get over his fears, but never had the tools to really make substantial changes.

“It’s something I’ve really tried to do over the years, but I’ve never gone into it enough,” he says.

UPW gave Gerard the chance to finally get the strategies he needed to get over the fears that were holding him back.

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Overcome your fears with Tony at the next Unleash the Power Within in Birmingham!

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