How to Control Your Emotions


Jan 13

How to Control Your EmotionsLearn the 6 steps to emotional mastery and stop letting your emotions control your life.

Our emotions have a greater impact on our lives than almost any other force on earth.

When we manage our emotions effectively, they inspire us and motivate us to do great things. But when we don’t have control over our emotions, they can start to dominate our lives.

We’ve all had the experience of letting our anger or frustration get the best of us. Usually this happens because we get so far down the path that by the time we realise we’re overreacting, it’s too late!

As Carl Jung said, “what you resist, persists.” The best time to get a handle on any emotion is when you first begin to feel it.

World-renowned life coach Tony Robbins has developed six easy steps to master any emotion

Follow these steps to learn how to take control of your emotionsand your life. 

The 6 steps to emotional mastery

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1. Identify what you’re really feeling.

Sometimes our emotions hide behind other, more familiar feelings. For example, you might find that when you investigate your anger, what you’re actually feeling is fear.

Take a moment to identify your emotion and ask yourself: is this really what I’m feeling, or is it something else?

2. Acknowledge your feelings.

Once you know what you’re really feeling, acknowledge the message that it is bringing you. 

Emotions are never right or wrong, they simply are and it’s important to listen to them and be grateful for what they have to tell you.

3. Get curious about the message.

Getting curious about what you can learn from your feelings will help you interrupt your current pattern, solve the challenge and increase your understanding so you can stop the same situation from happening in the future.

4. Get confident!

Emotions can feel complex, but really they all come from the same core of feeling. Think of a time when you’ve felt this emotion before, and recognise that if you were able to handle it before, surely you can handle it again!

Let that knowledge give you the confidence to go forward with the process.

5. Know that you can handle this in the future.

If there are certain emotions you find particularly difficult, find opportunities to practice how to handle them. Try using visualisation to imagine how you will handle the situation calmly, easily and effectively.

6. Get excited and take action!

Now that you’ve done the work to identify and process the emotion, it’s time to get excited about the fact that you now know how to move forward.

Take action right away and prove to yourself that you can handle it!

Mastering your emotions is just the start of gaining control over your life and your future.

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