How to Walk on Fire and Other Lessons from UPW!


Apr 18

how to walk on fire and other lessons from upw

We share our best lessons from UPW 2019—including how to walk on fire!

In April 2019, thousands of people assembled at the ExCeL Centre in London to take part in Tony Robbins’ ‘Unleash the Power Within‘.

It was an intense weekend of learning, sharing, crying and changing for the good!

Although there where challenges and breakthroughs, we still emerged bigger, better and stronger people.

Four immersive and intense days of self-discovery later, we took a step back to reflect on what we learned.

Here are our top lessons from UPW 2019:

You can walk on fire!

A cornerstone of the UPW experience, the firewalk begins and ends in the mind. A few short hours with Tony and we had all the tools needed to face our fears and conquer the coals. The firewalk left us wondering if Tony can get us to do that on Day 1, what will we be capable of by Day 4?

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Tony teaches the three steps to create and shifting meaning, and the one that resonated with us the most was the power of FOCUS. With a small shift in focus, we can shift the entire world. So simple, and yet….

Don’t negotiate with your brain.

Our brains are full of impulses that were helpful back in our caveman days, but that can easily distract us in the modern world. Tony teaches that these small distractions—those impulses to sleep a little longer, watch a bit more TV, have just one more biscuit—are just thoughts. They aren’t us, and we can just let them go. So stop negotiating!

Find your peak state.

Was anyone else amazed at Tony’s energy? At his ability to stay focused and animated for hours on stage? Now we know the key to having that kind of energy: it comes from finding your peak state, that state of being where you are energy-rich. The three key tools to getting there? Change your focus, change your physiology, change your language!

Create lasting change.

Easier said than done, but we have to remember what Tony teaches: we can create lasting change through causing either significant pain or pleasure, either in the present or the future.  Which brings us to our next point…

The Dickens process.

If you had told us a month ago that sitting in the dark for a couple of hours with our eyes closed, travelling through time in our own minds, would have such a profound impact… Well, we might’ve believed you if we knew if it was Tony Robbins guiding us through it! The best part about the Dickens process is that it’s a tool we can come back to time and again – and we will.

Be a lion.

Don’t be lamb, be a lion. Be fearless. Be a ****ing lion!


“Trade your expectations for appreciation.” What a powerful shift this can make in the mind! Taking a few moments every day to identify and experience gratitude is truly life-changing. Is just us, or have you felt like the world around is a little brighter, the people a little nicer, even the weather a little better, since UPW?

It might be all in our minds, but we’ll take it!

And on that note…

We want to thank you for joining us on this incredible journey! The entire team was blown away by the kindness, enthusiasm and commitment we witnessed at ExCel in April. It’s an incredible experience to watch so many people embark on the path of trying to make their lives better. Now it’s time to step outside ourselves, and make the world around us better too.

Next year, we’re bringing UPW to Birmingham—join us for another incredible 4 days with NEW breakthroughs in a NEW venue!

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Birmingham

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