What the Media Doesn’t Tell You About Investing

By Yewande Ogunleye | Education

Nov 26

What the Media Doesn’t Tell You

What’s happening in the current economic environment and the financial markets?

Well, the first thing that we’ve seen is that in 2018 the markets have reached new heights.

The question is: “Is this sustainable?” And is the property market going to continue to accelerate too to new heights?

These are very important and interesting questions to ask during these economic times. But the first thing that we’ve noticed is that there has been a slowdown despite what the media is saying out there.

There are companies going bankrupt there are companies slowing down and people are losing their jobs. Not just in the UK, but in many countries around the world.

So it’s really important that you come along and see where we are on the economic cycle and what’s ahead, not just for the next few months but obviously for the next 1-3 years.

The questions you want to be asking is “Is this the right time to invest in property or start a business or even to invest in the financial markets?” Important questions which I’m sure you want the answers to these.

But the easiest way to do this is actually to show you the charts, the graphs, and the research that we have and that will be taking place at the Unlimited Wealth program.

I look forward to seeing you there. And let’s try to make the opportunities come to us rather than chasing the opportunities. And these are the skills that you’ll be learning at the program.



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