Live the Extraordinary Life You’ve Always Wanted

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Apr 16
Extraordinary Life

Life coach Tony Robbins shares two skills you must master to truly live life on your terms.

Do you have folders of Instagram and Facebook posts saved as ‘Bucket List’ or ‘Relationship Goals’ or ‘Startup Ideas’ or ‘Dream Home’? 

What do you envision as elements that will make your life extraordinary? 

Whatever your definition of an extraordinary life, it finally means one thing — living life on your terms!

The key to live an extraordinary life on your terms is a science and an art.  

And Tony Robbins says this extraordinary life you have been pursuing can finally be achieved with the mastery of two vital skills. 

1. The science of achievement.

First things first. It’s time to understand that your genes and circumstances aren’t responsible for your financial abundance and success.

“Oh, what can I do, I am not from a business family. I don’t have the genes and mindset to ready me for entrepreneurship.” Will you let your genetics and family tree decide your capability?

Tony invested four years interviewing 50 top financial magnates – achievers who didn’t belong to, what he calls, “the lucky sperm club”. These leaders who started with nothing, now control the world economy. 

The common pattern between these leaders is mastery of the science of building wealth. The science of achievement transcends all boundaries. Your genes, age, race, gender, nationality do not matter.

All that matters is an obsession for the science of achievement – master the ability to take what you envision and make it real!

While we are all biochemically different, there are some fundamental rules you cannot violate. Violating these rules can lead to lack of energy or “dis-ease” in the body. 


Tony says, “If you violate these rules, either because you are ignorant to them or because you just don’t want to apply them, you are going to have financial stress”.

It is important to remind yourself that you have an extraordinary body that comes with a package of extraordinary energy.

And when you activate that energy, you’ll have the strength and key to financial abundance. 

2. The art of fulfillment. 

Success alone will not enable us to lead an extraordinary life because it must be accompanied by fulfillment. 

Tony asserts, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”.

While achievement is a science, fulfillment is an art because fulfillment is relative. For instance, your fitness goals might entail running five miles every day, but someone else’s idea of daily fitness could be 15 minutes of yoga and meditation.

Fulfillment is different for different people and hence an art.  

According to Tony, not mastering this art will create a not-so-pleasant life. 

Have you experienced times when you’ve achieved something tremendous, but all you are left with is a sense of emptiness and void? This is what you always wanted! Then what’s happened? Why is that dejected voice inside your brain saying, “Is this all there is?”

“It’s the worst experience; worse than failing,” Tony says. “When you succeed and you are not fulfilled – that’s scary.” 

The human mind is for us to mold — you cannot leave it to your mind to make you happy because it’s not going to do it for you.

Fulfilment of Achievement

YOU have to take charge and physically make a decision on how to lead your life. 

Because, as Tony puts it, there’s no worse fate than to achieve everything and not feel fulfilled

So get on the driver’s seat (while staying indoors now, mind you!), set the satnav to destination “fulfillment” and steer your brain on the path towards the art of fulfillment – your fulfillment. 

Your life. Live it on your terms.

Ace these two skills, and you’ll kick open the doors to an extraordinary life on your terms!