How to Manage Your Time


Oct 02

How to Manage Your TimeLearn the secrets to better time management from power couple, Grant and Elena Cardone. 

In a recent installment of the G&E Show, Grant and Elena Cardone shared a recent exercise they undertook as a couple.

The two sat down together and made a list of everything they have accomplished so far this year. Nothing unfinished, nothing outstanding, and no failures allowed—just successes.

“I have loved you so much since then!” joked Elena to Grant, pointing to the fact that this list helped them both get a clear picture of just how much they’ve managed to do, and enabled them to talk about what they wanted to tweak going forward.

What’s the secret to accomplishing so much? The Cardones use a simple set of criteria to help them manage their time as effectively as possibleand we’re sharing our favourite tips from the 10X power couple!

The Cardone Method to Time Management

1. Write down a list of all your successes.

“Everyone has one [success],” Grant says. “And if you find one, you’ll find two. And if you find two, you’ll find three, I promise.”

Remember: nothing unfinished, nothing outstanding, no failuresjust successes.

2. Prioritise.

As Grant puts it, what’s the grenade with the pin pulled? What’s about to blow up in your face? That’s what you handle first.

This also means spending your time wisely. You may enjoy going out on weekends and having a good time at the pub with your mates, but what does going out on Friday nights do for you?

3. Measure if there’s a pay off.

What pays you RIGHT NOW?

It’s not enough to have a great idea, it has to be a) something fundable, and b) something with a pay off.

Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

4. Divide and conquer.

This one applies to couples, of course, but also to everyone else: outsource! 

Enlist others to help you, whether by getting them on your payroll or calling in favours, and get them to take care of the small stuff to free you up for the bigger tasks.

5. Act decisively.

“I think it, I do it,” says Grant. Don’t waste time by sitting on something—when you think it, act on it.

“Don’t add time,” says Grant, “you’re losing time.” So just do it.

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