The Surefire Way to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions


Jan 06

The Surefire Way to Achieve Your New Year’s ResolutionsTake your New Year’s Resolutions from goals to accomplishments with this simple tool. 

Mark the 17th of January on your calendar.

Why? Statistically it’s the day we are most likely to give up on our New Year’s Resolutions.

That means that if you make it past the 17th of January then you’re already on the road to success!

If you’re really committed to making your New Year’s Resolutions stick, we’ve got one very simple and very effective tool to share from the world’s top performance coach, Tony Robbins: a Massive Action Plan (MAP).

Why You Need a MAP

Many people know that writing down your goals greatly increases your chances of achieving them.

But what makes an even bigger difference is being very clear and very vivid in describing your goals for yourself, why you want to achieve them and what that result will look like.

In fact, one study shows that people who describe their goals in vivid detail are 1.2-1.4  times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals!

How to Create a MAP

A Massive Action Plan is a very simple tool to use.It involves three steps:

  1. State your goal.
  2. Identify why you want to achieve it.
  3. List the steps that will get you there.

Create your own MAP with our free download!

Download MAP Template Now

Tony’s Advice on Setting Resolutions

Tony Robbins has personally coached over 50 million people and has mastered the psychology of success. 

If you’re in need of a little inspiration to help you get started, then Tony has a message for you.

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