The Power of the Firewalk


Sep 02

The Power of walking on fire

Have you seen Oprah walk on fire? 

Ask anyone who’s attended Unleash the Power Within what part of the weekend has the biggest impact, and you will likely hear two words: the firewalk.

Tony Robbins has been using the firewalk in his seminars for decades because it is an incredibly powerful tool.

Experience the Firewalk for Yourself at UPW!

As Tony will tell you, it’s not about walking on fire—the firewalk is a metaphor for whatever fires are in your life. 

Whatever you fear, whatever is holding you back, and whatever obstacles you need to overcome… they are all part of what you are overcoming when you do the firewalk.

It seems impossible to walk across hot coals without getting burnt, but what Tony teaches at his events is that simply using your mind is enough to turn the impossible into the possible.

Turn the Impossible Into the Possible!

After all, if you can walk on fire, what else can you do?

Probably the best-known firewalker is Tony’s friend, talk show host Oprah Winfrey. She was convinced to do the walk while filming a segment on UPW and Tony for her OWN network—and despite her doubts, she was able to take those steps and conquer her fear.

In the clip below, Oprah’s fear is obvious—and so is her true elation when she accomplishes something she thought impossible.

Are you ready to face your fears and take extraordinary steps to create a new and better life for yourself?

Unleash the Power Within is Tony Robbins’ most popular event, and the biggest event Success Resources puts on all year—for good reason: it is the fastest way to completely change your life. Join us for an incredible weekend!

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