Let the Power of Love Wake You Up to the Gift of Life


Feb 12

Let the Power of Love Wake You Up to the Gift of LifeLove has the incredible power to wake us up to the true beauty of life. 

Our intimate relationships are often so important to us that they feel like life or death. 

Life coach Tony Robbins points out that we feel this way because these relationships reveal our deepest fears.

“Who else can make you feel more insignificant than the person who’s love you desire most?” he asks.

What our relationships show us about ourselves.

Relationships reflect back to us our deepest needs and our habitual patterns of thought, like our limiting beliefs. They are our most reliable mirrors. 

“Every relationship offers us the opportunity to learn something, including the things that make us angry, frustrated or afraid,” says Tony. 

Young couple arguing in a cafe. Relationship problems.

Those unpleasant feelings may be brought out by our relationships, but they originate from within us. They are signals, alerting us to moments where our past experiences and beliefs about the world are creating expectations that aren’t being met.

There’s no better way to access the thoughts in us that need to change than by paying attention to the sore spots in our relationships. If we have the presence of mind to drop our stories and lay aside blame, we can change our model of the world.

“From those models of the world come all of the expectations we hold of ourselves and our partners,” Tony says. “The upsets come from our own rules and expectations and the stories of blame we tell.”

The power of love.

In the video below, Tony and his wife Sage tell an incredible story of a moment that brought them close to deathand showed them the true power of love.

Something to think about every day.

“If you knew today was your last day on earth, what would you communicate to your beloved ones? How would you love? What stories would you let go of?” asks Tony.

“If you had the luxury of knowing it was the very last time you would see them, what wouldn’t be worth the upset anymore?”

Love and relationship concept. Happy couple walking in park

This Valentine’s day, and every other day of the year, consider these questions and let the power of love wake you up to the really beauty of life.

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