5 Steps to Setting SMART Goals


Jan 01

5 Steps to Setting SMART GoalsPrepare yourself for success with this goal-setting strategy. 

Have you heard of SMART goals? They are goals that are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

The power behind SMART goals comes from taking the time to set out your intentions and define the parameters by which you will achieve them. The SMART system works because it helps you define a strategy for success.

Goals are important because they drive us to keep moving forward. As Tony Robbins says, “Progress equals happiness.” When we feel like we’re working towards something, we experience more fulfillment and joy in our lives.

Step 1: Identify the five SMART elements of your goals.

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Make it Specific.

If you’re setting a goal, be as specific as possible. Don’t just say I want to make more money, set down a specific number. This will help you visualise your outcome, and will make it easy to identify when you’ve achieved it.

Make it Measurable.

If you’re going to track your progress, you need to have something to measure against. Find a way to set a measurable parameter for every goal.

Make it Achievable.

Your goals need to be attainable, otherwise you will never achieve them. Increasing your salary by 20%? Achievable. Becoming a millionaire if you work minimum wage? Unlikely to happen, and when your goals feel impossible you reduce your chances of success.

Make it Realistic.

Realistic goals are ones that can be achieved by making changes in your habits and pushing yourself to try new things or work harder. Your goals are not going to be meaningful if they’re not based on your current reality.

Make it Time-bound.

Set a clear definition of the time-frame you have for achieving your goal. This will help you hold yourself accountable and put the pressure on to keep working towards your objective.

Step 2: Write it down.

A key element to SMART goal-setting is tracking your progress, which means you need a clear written record of what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them. 

Need help establishing what your goals are and how to achieve them? Tony Robbins uses what he calls a MAP: a Massive Action Plan.

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Step 3: Evaluate your progress regularly.

Checking in regularly will help you stay on track. If you notice that you are starting to fall short of your SMART goal, re-evaluate your parameters and correct your course.

Step 4: Celebrate every win.

Celebrate every win, even the small ones, to get that rush of dopamine and energy to keep pushing you forward.

Step 5: Review.

Set down your SMART goals, then take a few days off before coming back to them. Looking at your goals with fresh eyes will help you identify areas where you’re not pushing yourself hard enough, or where you’re pushing too hard.

Keep coming back to your SMART goals until you’ve achieved them, then set yourself some new ones. 

For an example of setting a SMART goal, check out this article on Tony Robbins’ website for more information.

SMART goals are a great first step to making positive changes in your life, but if you’re looking for more, Unleash the Power Within is a tremendous next step.

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