Stop Chasing the Market


Oct 21

Stop Chasing the MarketInstead, says financial expert Sandy Jadeja, let the market come to you. 

It’s a mistake many new investors make: they chase the market.

Chasing the market means buying or selling based on what’s happening in the market right now, rather than taking a longer view on investments. 

The danger of this reactive approach is that to do it successfully, investors need to react immediately—and that can lead to burn out, high stress and poor decision-making.

Let the market come to you.

Sandy JadejaTrading analyst Sandy Jadeja has been involved in the financial markets for over 24 years and he has seen trends come and go—and come back around again.

If you want to find success in investing, he says you need to start by learning the basics.

“Learn about risk, how financial markets move, and what you need to do in order to participate in the upcoming movements in the markets,” he tells students at his intensive trading workshops.

From there, investing simply requires placing simple orders in the markets.

“Let the markets come to you,” says Sandy. “Instead of chasing the market, place these orders, let the market come to you and the market will trigger your order.”

Sound complicated? Sandy insists that it’s really not.

“It takes just a few hours to learn this and you should be able to see some pretty fast, immediate results, positive or negative.”

“If they’re negative, then what we do is figure out ways to minimise the risk and increase the profitability factor.”

“If you take the very simple concepts,” says Sandy, “just one or two simple techniques that can be learned in about 5-10 minutes, it’s simply about waiting for very specific movements or very specific signals.”

“And with the advent of Internet technology, you can actually get the software to do this for you. And there are free software packages out there on the internet that you can start using today.”

NOTE: This post was originally published 22 November, 2019, and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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