Stop “Chasing the Market”

By Yewande Ogunleye | Education

Nov 22

Let the Market Come to You

Very often we get this question at Success Resources that there’re all these different programs on offer and with trading and investing how long does it really take for somebody to pick up a skill or knowledge and apply it?

Well, if you take the very simple concepts, just one or two simple techniques that can be learned in about 5-10 minutes it’s simply about waiting for very specific movements or very specific signals.

And with the advent of Internet technology, you can actually get the software to do this for you.

And there are free software packages out there on the internet that you can start using today.

So, by learning some simple concepts and then applying that, practicing obviously you should be able to be up and running in a matter of just a few hours.

So, normally what we do is, on a training program we put people through a process for a whole day where they learn the very basic language.

They learn the basics about what is risk how do financial markets move and what do they need to do in order to participate in the upcoming movements in the markets.

And it’s simply about placing simple orders in the markets where what we say is “Let the markets come to you.” 

Instead of chasing the market, place these orders, let the market come to you and the market will trigger your order.

So as I said, it takes just a few hours to learn this and you should be able to see some pretty fast, immediate results positive or negative.

If they’re negative, then what we do is to figure out ways of how to minimize the risk and increase the profitability factor.

Unlimited Wealth 2020

So again, at the Unlimited Wealth program, there is a wealth of knowledge. 

We will be bringing to you not just myself but a number of different speakers and we’ll be showing you step by step how you can start applying these techniques pretty much immediately.

So, I look forward to seeing you at the Unlimited Wealth program.

Once again, I’m Sandy Jadeja and see you soon.


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