What It Takes to Be a Successful Woman


Sep 10

What It Takes to Be a Successful Woman

Kim Kiyosaki shares her secrets on how to be a successful woman. 

Like many in their late teens, when Kim Kiyosaki left home for university she thought she knew roughly what path her life would take: go to school, graduate, get a job, work and begin climbing the corporate ladder.

But pretty soon, Kim realised that being an employee wasn’t for her and she started to pursue a different path. Now, Kim is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and real estate investor who spends her time educating others on what she’s learned.

“I’ve sat in important meetings with very powerful women and nurtured my mind with books about the lives of some of the most successful women in history,” she says.

“And do you know what I’ve discovered? There are certain characteristics common among them. It’s actually not a secret at all, but a formula anyone can follow!”

Kim’s 5 traits of a successful woman

1. Use fear to your advantage.

Kim points out that fear often exists when there is something great on the other side. 

“When you are afraid to do something great, like start a business or invest in a new asset, use that fear to help propel you forward rather than turn you away,” Kim suggests. 

“Go under it, over it, around it, through it—but don’t hang around in it.”

2. Change your language.

Sometimes, Kim says, the language we use is contrary to our goals.

“One of the things that holds women back is their vocabulary—specifically the words ‘try’ and ‘can’t.’ If you subscribe to the law of attraction, then you know that thoughts become things.”

“Don’t use language that has defeat already built in. Switch your language to something more positive.”

3. Take responsibility.

“There’s no more self-sabotaging behaviour than blaming others for your mistakes,” says Kim.

So take ownership of your own choices! 

“When you fail, own it. It’s okay to fail, because your mistakes don’t define you—how you handle them does. When you succeed, own that too. Learn what you can from both successes and failures and then move on. It’s the only path forward.”

4. Be generous.

Women can be competitive with one another, Kim says. But the reality is, you’re probably successful because someone else invested in you—and you should pay it forwards.

“Give back to women who could use some guidance, says Kim. “Who knows what you might learn along the way?”

5. Never stop learning.

“Nothing stops success like a closed mind,” Kim says.

“If you don’t keep learning, you’ll soon be left behind. Look for lessons wherever you can find them. An open mind is an open door to success.”

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