The Secret to Making Better (and Faster!) Decisions


Jul 01

The Secret to Making Better (and Faster!) Decisions

Improve your decision-making process.

Decisions, decisions—we can’t escape them. Even small decisions can have a big impact on our lives—and sometimes the pressure to make the right choice can feel paralysing.

So we’ve turned to some of our favourite wise men, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins, for advice on how to make better decisions.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary V

“You never really know whether you’re making the right move or not,” says Gary—and he finds a tremendous amount of freedom in that. 

“You’ll never know the alternative of whatever choice you make, so there’s no reason to overthink.”

Gary follows four tricks:

1. The right choice is usually the fastest choice.

“Ultimately, what matters most is speed. Speed trumps everything,” says Gary.

And since you never know whether you’re making the right choice or not, at least you can make the fast choice! Besides, your gut choice is usually the right one.

2. Debate is a disguise for insecurity.

People often use perfectionism as an excuse to procrastinate, but sometimes it goes much deeper than that: they fear they are not actually as good as they claim to be, and waiting for things to be ‘perfect’ gives an easy out.

If you find yourself stuck debating between several different options, Gary has a simple answer: “Just pick one.” 

3. Have your burger so you can taste the side dishes.

In Gary-speak, this means to have one main job so you have the freedom to pursue your side interests.

“When you have a core pillar that supports you financially, you’re more willing to micro-fail when it comes to trying other things. Ultimately, that means you go faster,” Gary says.

4. It’s okay to make mistakes!

Gary Vee doesn’t mind making mistakes. For one, he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. And secondly, he doesn’t mind failing if he knows his intent is in the right place.

“As long as my intention is in the right place, I know I’m a good guy. And as long as my intent is in the right place, I’ve won.”

Tony Robbins

From the master of the hustle, Gary Vee, to the guru of personal development, Tony Robbins….

Like Gary, Tony also breaks down the decision-making process into four steps.


1. Write it down.

“All important or difficult decisions must be made on paper,” Tony says. 

While you write, pay attention to how your body is responding and to the language you are using—often, you will discover positive or negative clues that will help you uncover how you really feel about the decision.

2. Be clear about your feelings.

“You’ve got to get absolutely crystal clear about your outcome and your purpose,” says Tony. “If you forget the reasons behind your decision, you won’t follow through.”

Furthermore, says Tony, “the more clearly you can define your own motivation, the more likely you are to feel satisfied that you have made the right decision—regardless of the outcome.”

3. Let go of your fear.

Don’t let fear motivate you, and don’t wait for absolute certainty. “You’ll almost never get it,” says Tony.

“Fear can feel comfortable because it keeps you in a pattern of inaction. Chances are that the path of inaction is less frightening because it feels more familiar. You have to take a chance on yourself.”

4. Recognise your values.

Decision-making is value clarification. It can be hard to make a decision because there are so many possible outcomes.

“You’re going to have to ask yourself, ‘Of all these things I want, what’s really number one for me?’ If you’re clear on your priorities, it will be that much easier for you to design the best outcome for your life.”

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