It’s Time to Make the Most Out of Staying Home

Productivity & Performance

Mar 19
Make the most out of staying home

Use your time and space to be productive and effective.

Challenging. Tough. Testing. Difficult — there are many thoughts and feelings you are experiencing right now given the uncertainty surrounding humanity globally. 

First and foremost, it is of utmost importance that you take care, maintain hygiene and utilize with care the resources at your disposal.

Constantly checking your phone for news updates and panicking over something you have limited control over isn’t going to help. This is a period of uncertainty and there is a lot of external factors that you cannot necessarily control. 

But on the positive side, there is a whole lot that you can control.

Especially if your situation requires you to stay at home. First pat your back for doing what’s right. 

Then, instead of wondering – “How do I cope with this situation?”, re-align your thoughts to, “How do I make this situation work for me?

Here are some things you can do to make staying at home a productive experience:

Pretend You Are At Work!

If you’re working from home, staying in your pajamas and working on the couch is okay for a day or two. After that, it’s only going to bring you aches and pains from those bad postures. 

Work Desk at Home

Create a corner in your home that will be your makeshift work station. You can make it exciting to work here by pasting some colourful sticky notes, decorating your table with some knickknacks and photo frames, a quirky coaster and cup for your cuppa fix.

Maintain a Schedule

“I am bored”, “Let’s stay in bed till noon.”, “It’s time for a box set marathon!” 

Staying organised for yourself is challenging by itself, let alone keeping the entire family on a schedule. 

Stay on Schedule!

Before things get out of hand, sit together and create tasks and timetables for everyone (yes, including yourself!). Use a whiteboard with the week’s plan so it’s there for everyone to see. If you are geeky, use project management tools such as Asana or Trello and add all family members to it. 

Indulge in that long-due Passion Project!

Start Painting

Your standard excuse has always been, “I have no time to nurture my creativity!” If you are working at home it means, no travel time, less getting-ready time — that’s at least a minimum of an hour? 

Use that extra time in your day to:

Pull out that half-complete sketch and finish it.

Remove the dog ear from that book and find out how it ends.

Hang that picture frame your mom gifted you last Christmas.

Start using that elliptical trainer you bought during your frenzy to get fit.

Say Goodbye to the Clutter

A wardrobe you fear opening lest there is a textile explosion.

The pepperoni pizza in the freezer that is more vintage than a grandfather’s clock.

Clothes in Wardrobe

You don’t have to attack it all at once. Just take 10 or 15 minutes each day and review what you want to keep, throw or donate. Just make sure not to put yourself in harm’s way while doing this! 

Starting this routine now will make it a good habit in the long run. Decluttering can have such a soothing end result and make you feel so positive! 

Connect with Loved Ones

Social distancing or self-isolation can be very hard on many. But with today’s technology, you can stay as closely connected with your grandmum in Yorkshire as your matey in Melbourne.

Video call your parents. Check if they are ok. Tell them you are ok.    

Man on the Phone

If your neighbourhood has a community Facebook or Whatsapp group, text your neighbours. Especially the elderly who are most vulnerable and lonely. 

Small and simple changes you can make to your lifestyle to make stay at home or work from home a productive and fulfilling experience.

Stay strong, be safe and make the most of your time.