Tony Robbins’ 5 Disciplines of Love


Feb 14

tony robbins 5 disciplines of love

Discover how to build a stronger relationship by mastering Tony Robbins’ 5 disciplines of love.  

A romantic relationship can be one of life’s greatest joys—or it can be a source of great pain.

Whether you are in a committed relationship or single and searching, it’s crucial to foster more passion, excitement and love in your life!

Tony Robbins often talks about something he calls the five disciplines of love. No matter what your current relationship status is, you can use these principles to bring more fulfillment into your life—and you’ll have a whole lot more to offer a partner.


1. Unconditional love and compassion

Tony encourages everyone to ask themselves if they are guilty of focusing too much on their needs in a relationship.

Do you make everything about you and your needs, instead of considering your significant other?

This can impact the health of any relationship, whether partners, friends or family. It’s essential to always consider the needs of the other person—it’s not all about you!

An important step to putting the needs of someone else first is to listen without judgement or expectation. Put aside your criticisms, and listen to what they are really telling you. You might be amazed what a huge difference results out of this one small step.

2. Absolute courage and vulnerability

We’ve all been hurt before, so it’s understandable that we build walls to protect ourselves from future pain—but limiting our love through fear will cause pain for those who want to get close to you, especially a partner.

Let your love be limitless and commit to honesty. Be present with your lover, especially during the difficult times. Being physically present isn’t enough, you must also be there mentally and emotionally. Focusing your full attention on them will show them how much you care.

The tendency in a relationship can be to lose focus and become more critical as time goes on. Stay connected! If you give your time and attention to your relationship, it will flourish.

3. Knowing the truth

Every relationship has their ups and downs. Couples fight and makeup, it’s inevitable. But couples that create long-term joy and commitment all practice one rule: no playing the blame game!

When you let something affect your mood and take it out on your partner, they will feel like they’re to blame. There’s a technique to expressing emotions without escalating negativity: when facing a difficult situation, communicate openly and from the heart.

4. Telling yourself the truth

Commit to being more aware of the impact of the current state of your body and mind. To trust your partner, you must be more confident in yourself. Without this self-awareness, you cannot maintain lasting trust in others.

Stay true to your morals and your beliefs, and find someone who has similar ideologies. Tony is all about guiding people to their purpose and teaching them how to make it a reality. Once you embrace your authenticity, as yourself: what do I want?

This question is essential every aspect of your life: career, health, finances and relationships. Once you learn to honour who you really are by staying committed to your values, then can you achieve success in these areas of your life.

5. Giving freedom

There’s tremendous power in forgiving and forgetting.

What’s the point of holding on to past mistakes? Whenever we experience painful circumstances, we can learn from them or use them to punish ourselves and others. It’s easy to hold grudges , but if you want passion in your relationship, you need to set your partner free.

Practice forgiveness. Try to see things from their perspective, and consciously cultivate pleasure and intimacy. If you can overcome the negative, you will be free to live in gratitude for all the good moments in your relationship.

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