5 Steps to an Extraordinary Year


Jan 18

Tony Robbins' 5 steps to an extraordinary year

Discover 5 easy steps to ensure that your next year is extraordinary!

Becoming the person you want to be is not as complicated as you might think—as long as you’ve got the drive, the focus and the necessary tools to make it happen.

Making sure that whatever you do is in line with your vision has to be a fundamental first step.

By following this roadmap you can start to craft the simplest year of your life!

1. Feed your mind.

What are you consuming on a daily basis? This doesn’t only mean what you are eating, but what you allow to enter your subconscious from what you see, to what you read, listen to and watch.

Whether you know it or not, all our senses capture information that can affect us subconsciously. So it’s important that you feed yourself the right things intentionally.

We at Success Resources would recommend reading different personal development literature such as ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins.

Even listening to a podcast or attending a motivational seminar can really allow you to feed yourself and cultivate the right mindset.

2. Strengthen your body.

Pushing and strengthening your body is vital for physical and mental growth, especially if you want to play the game at the highest.

Our body is the vessel that allows us to live and breathe on this earth. We need to understand that as human beings our bodies are always functioning in survival mode and will avoid, at all costs the experience of discomfort.

We must train ourselves to step out of our comfort zone in order to operate from a mindset that won’t hold us back from achieving our goals. For example, Tony Robbins has an ice bath every day to strengthen and discipline his body.

Tony says that he doesn’t do it for the fun of it, but that he does it “ because I’m training my body that when I say go, we go”.

3. Find a great role model.

Instead of trying to figure it out all by yourself, why not learn from someone who has already mastered it!

It’s important to have a coach or mentor that can help support and advise you on the challenges you face. They can share their experience dealing with similar problems, or help you find the best practices to overcome your current adversity.

Tony talks about not having enough money when he was younger, thereafter vowing to make sure that when he grew up he had no worries about money. His role models were people like Jim Rohn, an American motivational speaker, and one of the world’s greatest stock pickers: Sir John Templeton.

4. Take massive action.

“I don’t care how positive you are, I don’t care how enthusiastic you are, it’s not gonna happen—you have the wrong strategy.” -Tony Robbins

As rightly said by Tony,  the only way to become successful in life is by taking massive action, consistently and with intention.

We can wish and dream all we like, but if we don’t take directed steps we will never achieve our goals. Learn to let go of your fears, stop holding yourself back, and achieve bigger growth in all areas of your life.

5. Get outside of yourself.

If you know Tony Robbins, you know he’s a BIG giver. He’s all about urging people to find their why and to serve something bigger than just themselves!

So, find a cause or mission that pushes you to be better. It can be starting or supporting a charity or building a business that serves people and adds value to this world.

Credits: Success.com 

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