Top 3 Takeaways from NAC 2019

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Nov 21

Top 3 Takeaways from NAC 2019We learned a lot at NAC—here’s our top three life lessons! 

Over two days, nearly four thousand people joined twelve speakers at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham for the National Achievers Congress.

It was a great event and every one of us on the Success Resources team learned a lot from both our speakers and the attendees.

The highlight of the event were our three headline speakers: Russell Brand, Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk. Each of them had something very different to share, but we noticed some key ideas that popped up again and again.

Our top takeaways from the National Achievers Congress:

1. Get loud!  

Grant Cardone said it most clearly: whoever gets the most attention gets the most money! There are lots of ways to get loud—for Grant, it’s often by being literally loud. He’s an imposing figure who isn’t afraid to make some noise to get a reaction.

As we saw at NAC, that works (and it didn’t hurt that he was handing out cash)!

When Russell Brand took the stage, he pointed out that he’s not your typical ‘motivational’ speaker, but he is a very authentic person—and often, for Russell that means being a bit weird and a bit loud. russell brand nac

When Russell talked about recovering from drug addiction, he made it clear that recovery is the process of recovering the person you were meant to be. That applies to all of us, too—we all have our own addictions (phone, work, etc) that are getting in the way of us being truly and fully ourselves.

Gary Vee is known as the Content King for good reason: as he told us over and over again, you have to post twenty, thirty, forty pieces of content a day. Get loud on social media, and get attention!

2. You need a team.

Grant Cardone pointed out that help is the single most important thing that has changed his life. Having help enabled him to 10X his business, taking it from humble beginnings to a massive  real estate portfolio. No one person can do all that without help! 

grant cardone team nac

Gary Vee talked about how he was the one posting all the content when he started, and how important that process was so that he knew it was being done right. But now, with multiple business, books, speaking engagements, a video series, a podcast and all his other ventures, there’s no way Gary could create all that content without help. His team keeps that content machine running.

Russell Brand often talks about how important community is to the process of managing our emotions. It’s something he learned from recovery, and he’s carried it on into his spiritual practice (or, as he puts it, his mindset strategy).

3. Figure out your problem and deal with it!

All three of our headliners had their own way of communicating this idea, but it came out strong in all of their talks. 

Russell Brand gave us a tool for dealing with our resentments, drawn from the 12-step recovery process, called the recovery inventory. This step enables anyone who uses it to parse through individual resentments and isolate their cause and their result.

What really came through during Russell’s talk is how useful tools like this can be for overcoming personal obstacles.

As usual, Grant Cardone delivered his message in a simple and direct way: what do you have to give up to get the life that you want?

In Grant’s case, it was the story of his upbringing. He had to give up the mindset of poverty and failure to believe that he could succeed.

For Gary Vee, he cautioned against letting your insecurities hold you back. He’s been telling people to post more content on social media for years, and finally realised that it wasn’t that people weren’t doing it because they didn’t know they should be; they weren’t doing it because they were insecure.

As Gary said, when you overvalue compliments, that makes you vulnerable to negative comments.

gary vee nac

So figure out your issues, and do something about them before they hold you back any further!

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