Why Trading and Investing Mean Managing Risk

By Yewande Ogunleye | Education

Nov 26

Minimise Risk and You’ll Prosper

A question I get asked often is: “Isn’t trading and investing risky?” Of course!

Is investing in a property risky? Of course,

it is. Is marrying the wrong person or taking the wrong job risky? Of course. Crossing the road is risky.

There’s risk everywhere. 

And what we want to do is to really minimize risk. And there are techniques in the financial markets which we call ‘scalability’.

We can actually take the risk right down. And at the Unlimited Wealth program, I’ll be demonstrating just using very small amounts of money, something as simple as 250 dollars or pounds and using that as startup capital to take very, very small amount of risk in the financial markets.

Now, recently there’s been some concerns about the banking sector that “Is it risky to leave money in the banks?”  Well, take Cyprus for an example. People had been saving up, putting their money in the banks in Cyprus and suddenly this disaster happens and what happens?

People lose their money, their savings that they were planning for years for retirement. So there’s risk everywhere and what we need to do as individuals, is to, first of all, understand ourselves.

How much risk can we tolerate?

And then what tools can we use to minimize that risk. Just recently I read, and we are in the month of November right now… I just read, 2 days ago, that 3 major universities in the UK are about to collapse.

So, wasn’t it risky going to university and preparing yourself for a program and suddenly the university is about to go bankrupt?

So the risk is everywhere. Understand that there are techniques and strategies you can do to minimize the risk and in some cases even avoid risk.

So again, at the Unlimited Wealth program, you’ll be learning a number of different techniques and concepts about not just making money but also managing risk in today’s economic environment.

I’m Sandy Jadeja leading marketing strategist and I’m hoping to see you at the Unlimited Wealth program. on the 4th December, where you will get more in-depth knowledge and insight on all things trading.



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