True Tales from the London Firewalk


Sep 23

true tales from the london firewalk

Testimonials from the London Firewalk

In April 2019, thousands of UPW attendees trooped out into the cool London evening to do the impossible: walk on fire

Some felt ready to tackle the hot coals, some didn’t—but everyone who did it discovered something invaluable: that the only thing that holds us back is fear.

The big thing everyone wants to know going into UPW is, does it hurt?

Watch the video below to find out!

The firewalk is just one small part of Unleash the Power Within, but it’s a part that everyone says is a major experience in their lives. 

Just think—who doesn’t want to be able to say that they have walked on fire and emerged victorious?

In a few months, you will face the same hot coals and the same feelings of exhilaration, nervousness and—above all—the incredible power that comes from doing something you thought impossible!

unleash the power within

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