The Truth About Gratitude

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Oct 21

The Truth About Gratitude

Tony Robbins and Gary Vee on why gratitude is the key to true success. 

Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk are two of the most successful speakers in the world, regularly drawing crowds of thousands to see them live.

So when these two business powerhouses sat down together to talk about what it takes to get to the top, we took notice. 

The whole conversation is worth a listen, but there are a couple of extra-tasty nuggets that really stand outparticularly when one caller asks about something that Gary and Tony share: a huge belief in the importance of gratitude.

Watch their conversation below to hear about their very different approaches to cultivating gratitudeand keep going to the end for an extra little slice of wisdom from Tony!

Warning: both Gary and Tony use mature language in this video. 

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