How to Unleash Your Inner Extrovert (Even if You’re An Introvert)


Jul 23

How to Unleash Your Inner Extrovert

Discover the extrovert within and set it free with these tips from Grant Cardone. 

If you’ve ever seen 10X expert Grant Cardone speak on stage, you probably know him as a large, southern, confident (dare we say cocky?), extroverted man.

Grant Cardone

But the truth is, Grant considers himself an introvert.

“If you met me at a party I wouldn’t have much to say,” he says. “If you sat next to me on a long flight I may not say a word to you the entire trip. I’m an introvert.”

He’s in good company—many successful public figures are, in fact, introverts: Johnny Carson, Warren Buffet, Woody Allen, Steve Martin, Michael Jordan, Elon Musk…

What Grant says these introverts have in common? They’ve learned to play the part of an extrovert.

You can adapt, and be an introvert or an extrovert, depending on the situation. – Grant Cardone

Each personality type has its advantages, but the reality is that our society is built primarily for extroverts.

So how do you bring out your inner extrovert—especially when it doesn’t come naturally?

Here are Grant Cardone’s 5 top tips:

1. Get passionate

When you are passionate about something, the natural impulse is to share it with the world! This can be especially useful in a sales situation—if you truly believe in the value of what you are selling, your natural enthusiasm will shine through.

“When you are passionate about your product, idea or service you pay less attention to how you are perceived,” says Grant.

“Instead, you pay more attention to showing that excitement for what you have to offer and how it will benefit the customer!”

2. Get out of your comfort zone

“You need to be courageous and make it a point to face your fears, no matter how big or small,” says Grant.

Doing something that makes you uncomfortable on a daily basis is a simple way to push yourself out of that safety zone and get used to discomfort.

For Grant, that meant face-to-face contact with his clients: “The single scariest thing was visiting my customers or prospects in person. So that is the first thing I did every day to get over my fear, which instilled me with courage and belief in myself.”

3. Say hello to EVERYONE

Speaking of getting out of your comfort zone, saying hello to everyone you pass (no matter if you know them or not) can help you to break down the barriers put up by your introverted self.

Look everyone in the eyes and say hello, advises Grant. “This is like exercising, it builds a muscle that enables me to decide at will when I want to be extroverted.”

4. Be persistent – so persistent it bothers people!

“You won’t become successful if you never get criticised,” Grant points out.

“You need to follow up on customers so much that they actually complain about it, and once they do you need to keep following up until they admire you for your persistence.”

Sounds uncomfortable, but the truth is—it works!

5. Keep busy

The idea is that if you are constantly on the go, you won’t have time for doubt or discomfort.

“If you’re busy, you are always asking people for help, getting help, and talking to people because you are running from one sales meeting or event to the next,” says Grant, “so get out and get moving!”

Ready to give it a try?

Go on—we believe in you!

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