Robert Kiyosaki on Why People Die Poor


Mar 28

Robert Kiyosaki why people die poor

Author Robert Kiyosaki explains the reason behind why so many people die poor. 

“Unfortunately the rich will continue to get richer and the middle class is going to struggle even more,” says Robert Kiyosaki.

He continues “I’m very concerned about the future of millions of people—billions of people actually. So, that’s why I wrote the book.”

Even though Robert wrote ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ more than 20 years ago—when the internet hadn’t transformed the global economy yet—he says the book is even more relevant today.

“I could see this economic crisis coming and it is a crisis. It is a very big crisis we’re in right now,” explains Robert.

“The rich are getting extremely rich. The poor middle class, the middle class is being taxed to death and the poor are getting poorer.”

What’s the root of the problem?

“We have no financial education in our schools. What does school teach you about money? Nothing,” says Robert.

“Do you learn from rich people or poor people? Most school teachers are poor people. They’re good people but they don’t know anything about money. Nothing. And so they give you advice based upon a poor person’s beingness.”

Most people are falling behind financially because they follow the traditional advice of “play it safe”, go to school, get a steady job, buy a house, pay your taxes…

“The world is changing and ‘change’ is changing. A thousand years ago you could live to 100 and nothing would change. Today every ten years everything is changing,” says Robert.

“The young people can see what’s coming. At one time, there were no Uber drivers. Now, even Uber drivers are going to be out of work because driverless cars will replace them. Driverless cars will also replace truck drivers all over the world… And you go to school to eventually get a safe, secure job?!”

“You put your money in a retirement plan and you save, save, save, save, save? That’s horrible advice. So that’s I wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad for this time today because if you’re not making changes you’re falling behind. That’s the problem.”

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