Why Professional Women Need to Support One Another


Jul 03

Why Professional Women Need to Support One AnotherWomen in business need to stick together! 

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

Women have long known this truth. It’s in our genes to support each other—as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends.

And more and more, women are discovering this to be true in business as well—here’s why:


So many of us have a goal we believe we are working towards—whether that be growing our business, starting a company, investing our savings, or getting a promotion. And yet, what are we actually doing to make these things happen?

Sharing your goals with other ambitious and driven women makes you much more likely to take concrete action towards making your goals a reality.

The power of proximity

In the era of social media, it’s easy to go online and compare ourselves to others in a way that makes us feel inadequate instead of inspired. Having REAL relationships with other women who are succeeding and taking chances can help us raise our standards for ourselves and for our careers.

Sharing your journey with other women going through something similar is incredible motivation – and it gives the opportunity to learn from women who have done what we want to do.

“If I’m going to ask someone for advice,” says real estate investor and ‘Rich Woman’ author, Kim Kiyosaki, “I seek out people who have actually done what I want to do. I want to learn from people who are out there doing it.”


No one understands the particular obstacles women face in the world of business like other women in the world of business!

The work-life balance, the pressure to ‘have it all’, the strain on relationships, even the daily annoyance of achieving the right work-appropriate outfit, hair and makeup—these struggles are all made a bit easier when you can share the pain.

Female support helps eliminate obstacles

“I tend to notice that women undersell themselves,” says Lisa Lannon, investor and co-author of ‘The Social Capitalist’. “They don’t want to seem hungry and ambitious when it comes to their careers due to being labelled ‘aggressive’ or ‘power hungry’.”

When surrounded by other women, some of that pressure is relieved—you can be ambitious without being labelled aggressive.

Network, network, network

Every woman worth her earnings knows the importance of networking to grow her business, advance her career, and open up new opportunities.

Women-only networking events can be particularly helpful for women in business because they present opportunities to connect on a deeper level—after all, you already know you have one thing in common—and they can ease some of the social pressures found in a more mixed group.

It pays!

There are countless examples of profitable opportunities and connections arising out of support networks.

Lisa Lannon credits a networking event with introducing her to one of her most influential mentors, Blair Singer.

Read More on Mentors from Lisa Lannon

Anne Baker, a diplomat for the US government, used connections through a networking site to land the interview with Senator Maria Cantwell that launched her political career.

And a recent study in the US shows that for women, support from other women is particularly important: “77 percent of the highest-achieving women had strong ties with an inner circle of two to three other women,” reports The Washington Post.

“The lowest-achieving women had a male-dominated network and weaker ties with other women in their network.”

How to get involved

Put yourself at the heart of female-led support by joining a local women’s club or attending a women-only event, or reach out to a community online—and if you can’t find any, why not start your own?

If you do, let us know—we’d love to support you!

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