Why You Need to Raise Your Standards


Jul 01

raise your standards

Raise your standards to get the life you deserve. 

“I should eat better.”

“I should exercise more.”

“I should earn more money.”

“I should save more.”

“I should have a better relationship.”

Do any of the above sound familiar? It’s easy to have a list of things we “should” do—but what happens when we raise our standards from SHOULD to MUST?

In this short video, personal coach Tony Robbins spells out the simple equation to stop telling ourselves what we should do, and start doing what we really want.

How does it work?

The secret to how raising your standards works is that it changes wants into needs, shoulds into musts—and when you cut off any possibility other than succeeding, you create a shift in your mind that empowers you to take control over your life.

It’s a simple way to create more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life: take ownership over your choices.

Raise your standards and change your life!

In the two minute video above, Tony shares something that can truly change your lifeso think of what he can do in 4 days! Unleash the Power Within is an immersive event that will help you overcome obstacles and discover how to make the changes you dream of seeing in your life. Click below to learn more!

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