Why You’re Not Where You Want to Be


Nov 06

Why You’re Not Where You Want to BeIf you’re feeling stuck, there’s one key thing you may be doing wrong. 

Question: What is your biggest priority in life right now?

Think about it, consider it carefully, and when you’ve got your answer, answer this question: what are you doing to make that priority happen?

Right now, you’re not doing anything but reading this article. And that probably means that you are facing one major obstacle in getting to where you want to be:


“If it really were a priority to you,” says entrepreneur and millionaire Grant Cardone, “you’d be working on it today.”

“When you don’t do something today by putting it off until tomorrow, you procrastinate. And procrastination is the simple reason why you’re NOT where you want to be yet.”

When we think of procrastination, we often think of someone who’s on Reddit or watching TV instead of working on achieving their goalsbut procrastination is sneaky.

Grant Cardone 10X Sales ExpertAs Grant points out, many peopleespecially achieversprocrastinate by over thinking.

They tell themselves they’re ‘planning’ instead of making impulse decisions, but too much planning results in too little action.

“Frequency of actions is what gets you proximity to success,” Grant points out. 

“Life happens today, not sometime in the future. You’re spending too much time thinking! Shorten your perspective and take more actions.”

Try the following steps to get stop procrastinating and get started towards your goals!

Be prepared to change.

If you’re not where you want to be, then the likelihood is that you’re never going to get there without making significant changes.

Change can be hard, so it’s important that you’re ready to take that step.

Get clarity on what you want.

When you are laser-focused on what you want, it’s much easier to keep yourself on track.

Download our free worksheet with questions from Grant Cardone designed to help you get clear on who you are, what you want, and what you’re missing.

Get a mentor.

Not only can mentors provide valuable advice for achieving your goals, having someone to answer to can also help you be accountable. 

The successful understand that they must keep taking actions now—they’re well aware that procrastination is the ultimate weakness. Don’t do it [tomorrow]. Get to where you want to go in life, and do it now.

-Grant Cardone

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