Unbox Your True Self This Christmas

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Dec 17

The hours were long, the sessions were intense, there was a heck lot more than 6 days worth of information and deep thought moments to absorb.

Especially when you’re depending on an average of 5 hours of sleep per day yet your mind’s awake, your body’s alert, any fatigue is overpowered by anticipation and adrenaline to start each new day with Tony Robbins and ultimately with yourself.

 Running for over 32 years now, Date with Destiny finally debuted VIRTUALLY over a highly intensive 6 days-and-nights in the homes of some 6,000 souls from 86 different countries.

 Although there is a global pandemic, curfews and safety concerns that’s keeping the people apart, Tony Robbins has proven true to his word and shown the world that nothing can put him off in his mission help those who want to reach fulfilment, grow beyond their problems and create meaning in life…even if it meant reaching you in your home from halfway across the world.

 To quote the man himself on Day 1 of Date With Destiny, “I’ve never cancelled an event in over my 40 years doing seminars and I wasn’t going to start now. I pulled my team together and told them to make a 9 month plan happen in 90 days, and here we are.”

 This might sound like an event that works off on getting you all hyped and pumped up but honestly, there’s so much more value to the program than mere adrenaline manipulation.

 Over the course of the six days, one of the biggest takeaways was discovering how we’ve deviated from our path of meaning.

 Tony Robbins talks about the ‘spheres of influence’, a part of the 9 elements of impact; in which we’re able to understand the primary focus in our current stage of life.

 You know the saying “Think outside the box”?

 Well, when most of us are trying to think outside the box to answer the dominant question we consistently think of everyday about our business, relationship, or purpose in life, we end up trapping ourselves within that very box.

 The thing is, there is actually NO BOX. Any limitations, objections or ‘box’ that’s holding us back from reaching ‘outstanding’ stems from the present values and beliefs we hold.

 Tony converts and applies these same basics in every area of his life and business endeavors hence freeing himself to reach the peak state of success – something he shares further in his Business Mastery program.

 Liberate the next level of yourself and your business at Business Mastery, happening 20th-24th March 2021 right here: https://sr-event.com/bm_nwl

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