Unleash the Power Within: Learning Points

By cheryl | Education

Feb 23

Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within recently ended in Singapore, and in just one location, 13,000 people gathered to make massive changes to their lives and take themselves to a whole new level.

If you were there, awesome!

But if you weren’t, don’t fret as we’re here to help you learn even without you having been there.

Of course, it’s so much more effective to be at the amazing event itself, but whether you’ve been there or not, here are 3 important takeaways from Unleash the Power Within that would benefit all of us:

1) Overcoming Fear

It comes in many names. If you’re an achiever you probably call it stress or anxiety, but it all comes down to a single name; fear. All of us have experienced fear at one point or another in our lives. Be it the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of being humiliated, fear of loneliness or even the fear of success (yes that exists too), all of us would have succumbed to this or still are.

The fact of the matter is that fear is hard-wired in all human beings. Nothing we do (or not do) in our lifetimes will make any fear go away. So how do we overcome and succeed over fear?

By turning it into power!

Fear may be inherent, but it’s also irrational. While fear may stop us from thinking about taking action, fear is NOT stopping us from actually taking action!

Think about it this way; if you were fearful about being rejected from a job interview, nothing is stopping you from walking into the interviewer’s room and doing a great job. When the interview’s over, you step outside and think, “Well that wasn’t so bad!”

That is what fear does to you, and since we are going to fear anyway, we might as well use it to empower ourselves.

2) Physical State

Like it or not, the state of our mental and emotional state is directly co-related to our physical states. Just as we continue to take care of and grow our minds, we must pay the same amount of attention to our bodies as well. One of the best ways to do this is…

Aerobic Power!

Diet alone can only get us so far, and aerobic exercise is absolutely vital to our health & energy as well as helping to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Aerobic exercise means performing exercise at a heart rate that is no more than 180 minus your age. Sustained exercise in this heart rate zone will burn fat as your primary source of fuel as opposed to sugar, meaning you can exercise for longer and get in great shape.

Two highly effective aerobic exercises where you can achieve this are running and walking.


Obviously, the best way to know your heart-rate is to wear a heart-rate monitor. But if you do not own one of these, you can still roughly estimate which zone you are in.

If you can run or walk in a steady, comfortable rhythm and are still able to chat normally without being short of breath, it’s a good sign that you’re in the ideal zone where the most fat burning takes place.

This is the zone that you should concentrate your efforts to achieve whilst detoxing in order to give yourself the most efficient work-out and flush your lymphatic system.

3) The Power of Momentum

You know what to do and what habits to develop to usher you into the life you desire and you’ve been working on it. That’s great, but sadly, not many people end up having their motivation die down or worse still, revert to their past and less effective state.

Thus, the third and probably the most important lesson to be learned here is how to develop and maintain the power of momentum! Momentum is the most important property of your new and improved life to carry you through to the goals and lifestyle you desire and deserve.

One of the best ways to go about harnessing the power of momentum is to keep a journal!

By writing everything down (which helps us remember even better) and by being conscientious of where we stand in terms of our goals and how we’ve grown as individuals, we’ll be motivated and held accountable for the positive changes that take place in us.