Why Are Goals So Important?

By Zhafran H | Education

Aug 23
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You’ve likely come across a point in your life where you sat yourself down and thought about your goals and dreams, then contemplated how you could realistically achieve them.

You’ve probably written them down and written them in positives.

Ask yourself this: Why Are Goals So Important?”

The answer is simple.

With goals, we create the future in advance. We shape our lives and destinies.

Whether we know it or not, everybody has goals; the main issue is that some people have really lousy goals! The quality of your goals does indeed affect you. Maybe your goals are ‘to get through this day’ or ‘how do I pay my bills’.

You need to start setting bigger, more powerful goals for yourself.

Having goals is essential in giving your life purpose and meaning. Goals give us the power to grow, expand & develop our success; that’s why you need to have a goal that is compelling enough to drive yourself forth. 

There will be times where your goals would change, or it may seem short & simple, and you might tell yourself – “I can do that some other time”. DON’T get caught in that hook, and NEVER take your goals for granted. 

If you want to be successful in anything, the fundamentals must be practiced DAILY & CONSISTENTLY.

What’s most important is your fundamentals. You need to master the basics of whatever it is you’re trying to get good at.

If you’re an athlete, you wouldn’t focus on exercises that work only a tiny amount of muscles. You would have to be a really good, well-built athlete if those kinds of exercises are what get you to the next level. Every good athlete would know that they should master the basic compound movements first (Deadlift, bench press, squats &, etc.).

So don’t waste your time on the details. Focus on the basic fundamentals of whatever you intend to focus on. Stop sweating the small stuff.

You should also enjoy and look forward to practicing your fundamentals each day. You have to make sure that you do whatever it takes to accomplish this daily task you’ve set for yourself. 

“Repetition is the mother of skill.”

If you want to master anything, you have to do it over & over & over again. Repetition is the key to mastering any craft. Ask any one of the world’s top athletes, performers, or artists on how they became what they are now, and they will all tell you the same thing – practice, practice, practice!

Nobody becomes a legend overnight. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears, consistency & time in order to become proficient in whatever field you’re in. Keep practicing your basics and etch it into your instinct!

Never fail to take action towards achieving your goal each day.

Have a clear, specific set of goals, with a written plan on how to achieve them! If you haven’t already identified a clear goal for yourself, that’s alright. 

Take a day or two to sit yourself down and brainstorm all your goals and dreams. Write them all down! Once you’re done with that, take the next few days to design actionable plans on how you’re going to achieve your goals. 

Set your goals that are beyond your current level of skill and ability. Have the absolute belief and faith in yourself that you will figure out how to realize this, goal despite it being seemingly impossible. 

Never forget WHY you set your goals.

Writing your goals down will also help you to understand WHY you want them. The purpose is stronger than the outcome. The purpose of your goal is not really about what you will get; it’s about what it will make of you as a person. 

In the end, what makes us happy is not whatever that we’ve accumulated. At the end of our lives, all we are going to have is who we became as a person; the moments we’ve created in life that we’ll never forget. 

For example, your goal is to make $100,000,000. The money only motivates you so much. Understand why you want this. Become the person who would want to provide financial abundance for themselves and the people around you, and the freedom & time it would provide.

That will motivate you a lot more than just the money itself. 

I guarantee you.

Goal-setting will transform your life for the better. Take it seriously, do it consistently.




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