Why is Woman’s Day Important?

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Feb 25

March is the month of International Woman’s Day, which is probably one of the most important day to acknowledge and celebrate all year round.

But have you wondered why? These are the 3 main reasons.1. Girls are still the most discriminated against.

Can you believe today, one out of 5 girls are still denied of their right for an education? Child marriage, domestic work, pregnancym poverty & violence all play a role in stopping a girl from going to school. Many countries still considered a boys education to be a priority over a girl’s. Education is a crucial part of development, and one of the most powerful tools to date to break the cycle of poverty and gender discrimination.

2. More girls are stepping up and doing it for themselves.

Despite the ever growing difficulty that women are facing everyday, they are still making history around the world by standing up for their rights. Not only does International Women Day enhance that, but it pushes forward the influence and message ot the world, as it proves to be a big impact in communities, both on a national and global level.

3. To remind the world that women are equally capable..

One of the main importance of International Womens Day is aimed at helping to eliminate inequality and discrimination against woman. It also helps woman in gaining full participation and equal development in global development,

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