As a business owner, how many times have you thought to yourself…

“This is no different from when I was working”

You’re not alone. Many business owners and entrepreneurs are lured into business under the pretense of creating a money making machine but not knowing that the amount of work required is far more than any job or company they’ve ever worked for.

The best and (only) answer to this is straightforward; you need a team that runs on a system that can survive and thrive even in your absence. If your business can’t survive without you, then you’re (sadly) working in your business.

In order to be a TRUE business owner, you need to take who you are and what you know and convert it into a duplicable system.

How can you achieve this? Think of McDonald’s.

Ask yourself, “Can you personally make a better hamburger than McDonald’s?”

You probably can. After all, there’s nothing really special about a McDonald’s hamburger.

Now ask yourself a second question, “Can you personally build a better business than McDonald’s?”

See the difference? Just as millions could make a burger better than McDonald’s, few have a system that McDonald’s has that served millions more.

The fact of the matter in today’s world is that many of you reading this have great, innovative business ideas, but there are only of handful of people around the world who know how to build an excellent business system.

Which side do you want to be on; to work in, or on your business? Learn more and take action at the Business & Investor Summit 2017 now!


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